About Us

We are true monsters when it comes to the sanitising of heavily stained and soiled properties and items. Hence our company’s name. We established our cleaning firm in 2015 and since then we have managed to win the trust and loyalty of the Cheshunt community. We have done so by always providing to our clients top quality services, which cover all their needs and provide an efficient solution to their maintenance conundrums.

Competent and fully equipped cleaners

Monster Cleaning CheshuntOur cleaners are seasoned and well-trained professionals who will meticulously plan and carry out your domestic or commercial cleaning project. We have carefully selected our staff via our strict employment policy, because we firmly believe that a company is only as good as its workers. We have provided to our employees the best steam cleaning equipment, jet washers, and sanitation machines, so that they can easily gain access to all hard-to-reach areas and clean them impeccably.

Our company works only with non-toxic and non-chemical sanitation products because have tailored our cleaning services to be eco-friendly. We operate in such fashion because our main focus is to provide to our clients a clean and healthy indoor environment. The detergents that we use are extremely efficient against all types of stains including resilient ones and allow us to meticulously sanitise everything from kitchen countertops to coffee table to ventilation systems.

Best prices guaranteed

Affordability is one of our main objectives and this is why we operate with cost effective prices. This way we can fit into even the smallest cleaning budgets and make sure that our customers receive the sanitation services that they need. When we can we base our rates on the individual parameters of each Cheshunt cleaning projects for which we are hired. This way we are able to maintain a perfect balance between our fees and the quality of our sanitation options. You can see in advance how much hiring will cost you by contacting us and requesting a personalised free quote. Once you get in touch with us, don’t be timid to ask our consultants about our amazing discounts.

Monster Cleaning Cheshunt is synonymous with dependability and availability due to the fact that we operate with a flexible schedule which:

  • Always has free slots for new sanitation jobs
  • Allows us to accept last minute bookings
  • Permits us to conduct late night operations
  • Give us the possibility to provide to our clients cleaning services at a day and time that suits them best

With all this being said you should understand by now that we are properly equipped and highly qualified. We are ready to accommodate all your needs!